Beatrix Potter and Daisy the Dino

Year One were in introduced to my purple friend Daisy the Dinosaur today. IMG_1941daisy 175x175bb

Lots of fun was had by all coding Daisy to move across the screen. Then squeals of delight when the children discovered they could make Daisy grow so large and shrink so small they couldn’t see her any more! The children picked up the debugging vocabulary really well by testing how many moves it took to get across the screen. We had a great discussion about what repeat meant and how it was really useful, especially in computing. The children loved making loops in the air as Daisy walked and jumped across the screen. They then used the app to create a loop for Daisy see video below. Back to Beebots next week to see if we can use loops for the our little buzzing friends?IMG_1942

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